What’s the Buzz?

Anyone who tells you that they don’t like Cheerios is a bold faced liar, and you should probably cut their negativity out of your life. With 13 flavours to choose from, you can please the gluten free, sugar fiends, and healthiest of them all!

My personal favourite? Honey Nut Cheerios! To quote the famed mascot of the brand, Buzz, it “#MustBeTheHoney” That little bee even has his own Tumblr page – something I have not grasped the concept of. But lately Buzz has been missing..

Bee’s are disappearing from our planet at an alarming rate, and Cheerios and Veseys Seeds have partnered up to change that. Together, they’re giving away 100 million FREE wildflower seeds. By signing up, you’ll receive 19 different variety of wildflower seeds including forget-me-nots, poppies, and wallflowers. Even if you live in a building with a small balcony, you can still make a difference by only planting a few seeds!

I’ll be planting my seeds in planters on my balcony, right next to the hot peppers I’m tending to currently. Keep an eye out for future posts about the peppers, as well as the cocktails I plan on creating with my wildflowers!

Ready to bring back the buzz? Get your free seeds now, and spread the word.



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