Wine Nuts

Wine pairing with donuts – the first official experiment from the XXX Pinterest board. Do they go together? Let’s just say you won’t be hearing me saying “don’t try this at home!”



As you can see, there were a lot of donuts to try with a wide variety of wines. We decided it would be best to only try 5, so we wouldn’t get too sugared out and overwhelmed. I’d like to say that the selections were made based off of our favourite 5 donuts, but seeing how old fashioned plain *cringe* made the cut, that definitely was not the case..

The financial funding for this experiment falls under the “Ballin’ on a Budget” category, so instead we found the 5 cheapest bottles of wine that were on this list, and bought the appropriate donuts to go with them. That fancy looking bottle in the middle? Only $9.75!


image2The contenders, from left to right: Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Rose, Syrah and Champagne.


First up, the Big House Wine Company’s Zinfandel, and the old fashioned plain donut. I really don’t think there could possibly be a worse donut in the world, but for the sake of science, I was willing to sacrifice my taste buds. The tasting notes on the can were “ample, aromatic and audacious,” aka everything this donut is NOT.

Wine: this tastes exactly what you’d think wine in a can would taste like. 2/10, would only recommend if trying to discreetly drink at the office.

Donut: surprisingly not as dry and as terrible as usual. Still wouldn’t recommend even to my greatest of enemies.

Jen: Um, not great.. It could definitely be worse since both of these things are pretty bad, but it sure as hell could be better. Perhaps with a Zinfandel that isn’t from a can..

Ryan: 6/10! Only because it was so unexpectedly good. Two negatives make a positive, right?

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old fashioned plain and zinfandel


Next up, we have my favourite donut of all time – sour cream glazed, paired with Santa Carolina Chardonnay. According to the bottle it’s ideal to pair with “parmesan style scallops or turkey breast with a green salad.” Time to find out if they need to add donuts to that label!

Wine: I really enjoyed this wine! It was definitely a more ripe Chardonnay, with more tropical fruit notes. Ryan however, thought it was “ranky danky” ……

Donut: amazing, as always.

J: This. Was. SO. Bad! Honestly, I do not know who thought this would be a good idea, but my God were they wrong. This needs to be removed from the list immediately.

R: The wine over-powered the donut, definitely not meant to be paired.

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sour cream glazed and chardonnay

So far, the results of this experiment are not the most favourable, but Mommaburd didn’t raise no quitter! Next up, we have the classic jelly filled, paired with Mateus Rose. We went to 3 different Tim Horton’s and not one of them had jelly filled donuts.. Shout out to Sobeys for having our backs!

Wine: this rose is very dry, and a bit bubbly, but I liked it! Ryan was indifferent.

Donut: these donuts were the cats ass, let me tell you! Filled with a ton of raspberry jelly, I’m glad we had to buy a whole 12-pack of them.

J: Super awesome! The sweetness of the jelly and the dryness of the rose really balanced each other out.REALLY glad that we have a full size bottle of rose to go with the rest of the donuts.

R: It was just alright.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
jelly filled and rose


The fourth donut was a double chocolate, paired with Porcupine Ridge Syrah. Now I’ve never had a Syrah before today, but as a huge Malbec fan I was told that I would definitely enjoy it.

Donut: I am not a huge fan of these because the only part that tastes like chocolate is the fondant icing – the donut itself is just blah. Ryan has never liked them – I think it’s because of the Timbit Incident of 2011, but he claims otherwise.

Wine: yes, yes, a thousand times yes. The tasting notes on the bottle say “spicy, aromatic, rich textured, French oaked, and lingering.” I have such high hopes for this pairing!

J: This is such a winner, and it makes total sense! You could easy drink this wine with a bar of your favourite chocolate, and it goes quite well with the fondant on the donut.

R: This was pretty good.. And the wine definitely helped make the donut less gross and dry.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
double chocolate and syrah


Last, but not least, the final pairing – as Canadian as a moose is, the maple donut with Freixenet sparkling wine.

Donut: I can feel myself getting cavities just thinking about these donuts.That aside, I really do quite like them! When asking Ryan his opinion on them, his reply was “yeah, I like them. Like I do. Like a really good amount.”

Wine: I really only like using this stuff for cocktails, it’s fair too dry for my taste. Ryan thinks it’s a pretty good alternative to real champagne (this is coming from the guy who bought himself a shiny gold bottle of Ace of Spades for his champagne birthday, so you know what he has to say is legit.)

J: This was really good! The crispness of the wine really helped to cut down on the sweetness of the maple. Still going to have to go to the dentist next week, but at least the trip will have been worth it.

R: Very very good, as expected. Tasty.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
maple and champagne

Overall best pairing: maple and champagne

Overall worst pairing: sour cream glazed and chardonnay

So do donuts really go with wine? You bet your ass they do. In total, this experiment cost less than $50, and equated in a day full of fun. Seriously, check out how much fun we had on YouTube! Want to conduct your own experiments? Follow the Pinterest board behind all these ideas here.


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