Stardate 70573.7

Stardate 70573.7, personal log

The end is near. I have been in the 416 quadrant for over 10 months now. Our supplies of space vac’d donair meat are running low, and the Torontonian species charge a “premium import” price for Keith’s. At least the replicator on board does a decent job at garlic fingers – they know only of cheesy bread here. If anyone back in the 902 quadrant receives these logs, please send supplies!

The weather in this part of space has been reasonable for this time of year – or at least from the other side of the window. My Captain has renewed my contract for March, so I will avoid the horrid wind tunnels until then. In the mean time, I have been spending lots of time on the Holodeck, as a George Brown student studying social media marketing. There have been a few narrow escapes from death while there – SEO and web analytics have been known to bore even the strongest willed men to death!

The rest of my days are spent tending to the small garden. The habanero shoots are starting to peek through the soil, and if they are a success the scorpian peppers and California Reapers will be germenated next! I have high hopes (but little patience) for my avocado tree.

I have promised the crew a feast of donair garlic fingers tonight – until then.

End report, stardate 70573.8



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